Slow Down To Speed Up

We live in demanding times. The pace of life moves very quick. The to-do list continues to multiply.

This incessant striving to keep up gradually chips away at our ability to live our best life. And although the past might have held simpler times, the future is destined to grown in complexity. Systems are evolving and the level of output is increasing which puts you at risk for chronic burnout resulting in significant disappointment.

Your health takes a hit. Your performance decreases. 

Instinct compels you to fight your way through, but unfortunately this will only make your situation worse.

The silver lining in this madness is that at the intersect of science and mindfulness there is a path that will help you experience radiant health and maximize your potential.

It is called The Path Of Resilience and it is the missing link for people who aspire to experience heightened wellbeing and capabilities during challenging times.


The BIG Misunderstanding

In regards to health and performance, one of the biggest misunderstandings people have is that the harder they try the more successful they will be. 

Your body, however, does not work this way.

Your body and mind have a threshold of effort that they can sustain, and anything beyond that creates a list of undesireables including: anxiety, brain fog, plateaus, depression, mood disturbances, insomnia, coronary artery disease and various other stress related diseases.

In an effort to attain peak states of performance and health, one needs to:

1. Become aware of how recovered they are physically, mentally and emotionally

2. Make choices that are in integrity with their energetic needs

These two very simple steps will help you build the life of your dreams on solid ground.

Not doing so is equivalent to living in a house of cards and that will be vulnerable to being blown down by the winds of circumstance.


Honoring Your Boundaries Does NOT Limit Your Potential

If you believe that in order to achieve great things, you have to grit your teeth and grind yourself to the bone- YOU ARE WRONG.

It is 100% possible for people to access higher and higher levels of potential while honoring their physiological limits.

What it will require of you, however, is to be more curious about the feedback your body is giving you and then be willing to take supportive action.

Anything that depletes you faster than you can recover has the capacity to not only dampen your health and performance but can cause long term systemic harm.

Self awareness and an updated understanding of how your body works is no longer just a luxury, it is a necessity and the ripple effects contain profound promises of renewal in every dimension if you are so bold to allow it.


The Path Of Resilience

The Path Of Resilience is a simple process that will empower you to holistically support yourself during challenging times and perform at the highest level. During this highly experiential process you will learn how to:

  • time your efforts to perfection to maximize results

  • gain insight into what is blocking you both internally and externally from being radiantly healthy

  • turn your physical, mental and emotional obstacles into stepping stones so you can live your best life

After completing The Path Of Resilience you will not only increase your ability to adapt to the demands of your life, but unlock creative potentials that never before presented themselves. 

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Work With Me

I work with individuals, teams and companies that want to harness The Path Of Resilience.

I speak at conferences, facilitate workshops, and produce content that expose people to the latest findings around the "science of stress" and how to transcend limits without putting themselves at risk for chronic burnout.

My ideal audience are those who are ready to evolve beyond the patterns and habits that no longer serve them and live in deeper integrity with the feedback their body is giving them.



"Resilience is about how you recharge, not how you endure."

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