Additional Talks

Jessica specializes in motivating individuals, groups and organizations to grow their energetic resources through making simple yet impactful lifestyle choices. All of Jessica’s talks are data driven, heart centered, highly experiential and deeply practical. For those interested in exploring additional facets of health, performance, resilience and productivity on an organizational level, here are some additional topics Jessica speaks on.


Overcoming Overwhelm

If you were asked to hold a 4oz cup of water with a straight arm out in front of you it would feel light. But over time that “light” 4oz of water becomes incredibly heavy. The weight of it cup did not actually change, but your energetic resources did. When we don’t learn how to put the weight of life down and allow our bodies and minds to recover, life becomes a slog at best and unbearable at worst. In Overcoming Overwhelm, Jessica teaches you how to systematically put down your burden so you can engage your days with more ease and grace.


How To Cure The Human Energy Crisis At Work

73% of the workforce reported they are suffering physical and psychological malfunctions caused by stress. There is a human energy crisis happening at the workplace that is draining vital resources leaving many organizations bleeding money as they try to patch up the inefficiencies of having a workforce on the brink burnout. In this talk Jessica walks you through the exact map to cure to this human energy crisis that is rendering your workforce unhealthy and unproductive. 


The Corporate Athlete

Periodization is a training method athletes use to help them peak on game day. Without periodization and timing efforts to perfection athletes face overtraining, injury and burnout. Corporate athletes are no different. They are people who have to endure incredible challenges tasked with delivering on “game day”. Through this talk Jessica will show you how to gain a competitive advantage by training your workforce to time their efforts to perfection.